Network Services

  • We’re currently running Unrealircd 6 along with Anope IRC Services

  • NickServ – Is the Nickname Registration Services bot and is what allows you to register your nickname on the network so that no one else may use it, nickname ownership.
    To get started with NickServ type /msg NickServ Register then /msg NickServ ID Enter Password Here
    In order to use all the other services you must have a NickServ account!

  • ChanServ – Is the Channel Services bot, keeping records of registered IRC channels, their settings, recognized users, and recognized banned users. Pretty straight forward.
    To get started simply type /msg ChanServ Help in a chatroom ChanServ is in. ChanServ doesn’t join channels after registration. that’s just the way it works. Please configure your channel bots accordingly.
    Please remember that in order to use this service you need to have an account with NickServ.

  • MemoServ – This bot allows you to leave messages for other registered users. You must have a NickServ account to use this service. Type /msg MemoServ Help to get started.

  • OperServ – Is the IRC Operator Services bot in charge of maintaining network order through clone detection, network ban management, and network routing management. This service is only available to the network staff.

  • Global – Is another service bot that you may receive messages from from time to time. This service is meant for the network staff to be able to send messages to either the entire network or specific groups such as channels or registered users only. Any network-wide announcements will come from Global. This service is only available to the network staff.

  • HostServ – Is a custom cloaking vanity host you may request once you have registered to NickServ by typing /msg HostServ Request once confirmed by a staff member type /msg HostServ on