New User Guide

  • Simple Help Version 5 minutes reading

  • Welcome To UnifiedChat IRC Network’s Beginner Guide to get you started

  • There are basically two services that you will interact with while you are on UnifiedChat IRC Network, These services are known as NickServ and ChanServ

  • NickServ is the service we’re using for nickname ownership. It is the gateway service to all other network services. Users register accounts with NickServ that they authenticate to upon connection to the network. Without a registered NickServ account you will not be able to use any other UnifiedChat service.

  • To Get Started is simple steps

  • Open up any IRC Client such as the following below






  • Connect to our Network by typing

  • Or +6697 for SSL connections

  • Once connected to register you’re nickname type /msg NickServ Register Enter-Password-Here

  • After that to login type /msg NickServ ID Enter-Password-Here and you’re all set.

  • Need any further help understanding this guide feel free to reach out to someone in #Help

  • Thank you for reading this new user guide and enjoy our network