Network Rules Updated: 16/06/2022

Rules to follow:

  • No ban evasion, channel or network.
  • No distributing child pornography
  • No unsolicited advertising (spam) eg: no other IRC networks.
  • No flooding channels or DDoSing users.
  • No botnets or abusive bots
  • No impersonating IRC staff or services.
  • No clones (We have a limit the amount of connections you can have up to 6 per IP. (Mainly for big families) Any more than this will risk being banned.
  • Respect Each other
  • Don’t carry on with bullshit
  • Have fun on IRC
  • Don’t beg for O:Lines
  • Be involved in the chat
  • Friendly Game RPG Bots are allowed granted they are not annoying/abusive
  • Network staff are not the nanny police, someone says something you don’t like you can use /ignore or /silence.

NOTICE: All connections to the IRC network are checked against DNS Blacklists to ensure your host is not abusive or compromised.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in either a temporary or a permanent ban from the network. You have been warned.